Private Security Law

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The profession of private detective is regulated in Spain by Law 5/2014 of April 4 on Private Security.

Article 5. Private security activities

1. The following are Private Security activities:

h) Private investigation in relation to persons, facts or crimes only prosecutable at the request of a party.

2. Detective offices may provide, exclusively and exclusively, services referred to in paragraph h) of the previous section.

Article 48. Private investigation services.

Private security law

1. The private investigation services, in charge of private detectives, will consist of making the necessary inquiries for obtaining and providing, on behalf of legitimate third parties, information and evidence on private behaviors or facts related to the following aspects:

a) Those related to the economic, labor, commercial, financial and, in general, personal, family or social life, except that which is developed in the domiciles or places reserved.

b) Obtaining information aimed at guaranteeing the normal development of activities that take place in fairs, hotels, exhibitions, shows, contests, conventions, large commercial areas, public places of great attendance or similar areas.

c) The realization of inquiries and the obtaining of information and evidence related to crimes that can only be prosecuted at the request of a party commissioned by the legitimate persons in the criminal proceedings.

From all of the above, we extract that private detectives are an exclusive activity, since they can only be carried out by private detectives authorized by the Ministry of Interior and excluding, because no natural or legal person without such authorization can develop such activity.

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