Sinisters investigation

The term "sinister" refers directly to fortuitous events, such as fires, subsidence or traffic accidents, which cause damage or loss to a person or any of their possessions.

In Global Risk we have more than 30 years of experience in the investigation of claims, working directly for 18 insurers, as well as for individuals and companies that have suffered an accident.

We have intervened in numerous claims of great public relevance, where our reports have clarified the causes, authors and responsibilities of the incident.

Accidents, premises fires, jewelry thefts, shipwrecks

Our private detectives have specialized complementary training that allow us to be the only agency in Spain that at the same time is formed by Commissioners of Maritime, Terrestrial and Aerial Breakdowns, Experts in Reconstruction of Traffic Accidents, Experts of Recreational Boats, Doctors, among others.

Our research reports detail in detail the claims related to the transport of merchandise both by land, sea or air.

Vehicle thefts and their cargo or partial thefts are our specialty, and we are experts in tachograph analysis as well as GPS reports.

We have agents all over the world where in less than 24 hours we can give you service and perform the necessary inspections, including merchandise counting, loss valuation, documentation analysis. etc.

Our investigations include assistance in all the commercial ports of the world, where we speak with all the participants, shipping company and authorities to know what has really happened.

Our Private Detectives have proven nautical training, with Yacht Captains, Vessel Experts, Naval Engineers, etc. which allows us to work in all types of marine accidents anywhere in the world.

We have intervened in disasters ranging from sinking of tuna vessels in the Seychelles Islands, abandonment of fishing vessels in the southern cone of Africa, fires on the Island of Hawaii, boarding in the Mediterranean Sea or berths of boats in Ibiza and Formentera.

In recent years we have observed how insurers have asked us on numerous occasions to investigate claims arising from falls in public establishments by customers, food poisonings in restaurants and hotels or damage from flooding of neighbors, among others.

Surprisingly, in more than 70% of the cases investigated, we have been able to demonstrate the fraud attempt, to receive financial compensation for facts that had not really happened as stated.

Our private detectives have specialized for more than 20 years in the reconstruction of traffic accidents, both for insurers and individuals.

They include, if requested, biomechanical reports that allow us a mathematical approach to what happened, as well as to the possible damages caused to the occupants of the injured vehicle.

We ratify our reports in judicial headquarters.

We are the only private investigation agency that has intervened in the fire investigation of Sports Ports, both in Tenerife and in Sant Adrià de Besos (Barcelona), as well as fires of well-known multinational logistics warehouses.

We are specialized in claims of large companies and we surround ourselves with the best professionals to be able to offer you a report with proven results.

We ratify our reports in judicial headquarters.

Our private detectives work regularly with large firms to investigate robberies that occur both inside their establishments and in assaults during transport.

We also work for collectors to locate stolen works of art, making some detailed reports of what happened.

We advise on the necessary security improvements so that it does not happen again.

After a traumatic accident, the injured always claim sequels in order to obtain an economic benefit from their situation.

Our detective agency has the first detective - doctor in Spain, Ms. Ángela Martí, an expert in the detection of fraud in these types of claims.

We offer our clients a real vision of the sequels claimed, even checking the limitations that are claimed.

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