Mercantile Investigation

Another of the main activities carried out by our private detectives is the investigation in the commercial field, where we daily face cases related to the real state of societies, situations of unfair competition, brand defense, falsifications, etc.

Competencia desleal, uso indebido de marcas, chantajes, envío de anónimos

Again the role of our private detective team is to investigate each situation and analyze each case in detail, so that we can help you in making decisions and in knowing the environment of your customers, suppliers and competition.

Publication of misleading advertising, carrying out activities without permission, improper exploitation of your brand ... There are many ways in which your competition may be attacking your company. We help you get evidence to unmask those bad practices.

Violation in the use of registered trademarks is one of the most common forms of violation of intellectual property rights. We investigate and identify the actors of the infractions in order to provide evidence and assistance to our clients in case of litigation.

It is not surprising that anonymous messages, or blackmails, appear in business environments that may jeopardize the stability of our company. Discover the source and motivations of these messages by the best professional team.

We can help you uncover the espionage strategy implemented by your competition, detecting the sources of information leaks, and the authorship of them. In the same way, our industrial research services include the design of protection strategies for future cases, with the objective of ensuring your most precious asset: corporate knowledge

Do not settle for online reports from companies and societies. Our detective agency has contacts in numerous countries that will allow you to know first hand the reality of the companies with which you want to start a commercial activity. Don't be faithful, information is power.

On many occasions the administrators disappear or declare themselves insolvent so as not to respond to their management in their companies. We help you to “lift the veil” so that the partners respond to the obligations of their companies.

Our private detectives are specialists in discovering falsifications and manipulations in documentation. We have expert calligraphic experts who will help us document documentary falsifications.

The installation of hidden cameras in the work environment is illegal in most cases, and only private detectives are entitled to use it. Do not risk using procedures that may not be validated by a judge. Trust professionals. We can help you.

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