Lease Investigation

At present, the urban housing leasing market is characterized by the coexistence of two clearly differentiated situations. On the one hand, the contracts concluded under Royal Decree-Law 2/1985, which represent approximately 20% of the total and are characterized by high incomes and an important degree of occupational turnover as a result of their generalized annual duration. On the other, contracts concluded prior to the effective date of Royal Decree-Law 2/1985. In general, these are contracts with non-high incomes and, in the case of contracts concluded prior to the 1964 Law, approximately 50% of the total, with incomes that can be classified as unprofitable.

Leases of old rent, urban leases

Given this situation, the private investigation that we carry out in Global Risk allows us to detect the inappropriate use of these contracts and those situations in which, having taken noteworthy acts, there have been changes that require that the income of homes or premises be updated.

One of the most demanded services to our private detective agency is to check rents of old income. These rentals are sub-rented to third parties without consent. The tenant takes advantage of an old rental situation to make a profit. Sometimes hiring a private detective may be the only way to prove this type of behavior.

We can highlight some problems that arise from this type of research:

Lack of occupation, non-consented subleases, duplication of addresses, non-consensual activities. Many times after the signing of a rental contract for a home or premises, one of the parties decides not to comply with the agreement and unilaterally decides to conduct a conduct contrary to the law. Sometimes one of the parties surprises us with behavior that is not expected, sometimes people seem not to be as civilized as previously thought.
Unfortunately, many of the people who carry out these behaviors are people who reiterate again and again and use this system of lack of ethics and morals as a way of life taking advantage of people with good faith.

Thus, it is worth noting a modality consisting of sub renting to others without the authorization of the owner. Also those individuals who have constant problems with the community of owners, tenants who have animals when their possession is prohibited in the contract, rents destined for a purpose other than the one agreed upon, rents without a license to open a premises and do so, who live more people than allowed in a home, illegal works at home, etc.

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