Economic and Financial Investigation

Economic news has meant a significant increase in fraud and financial problems. The increase in defaults suffered by companies, professionals and individuals seriously compromises the viability of the economic and business fabric.

Heritage research, financial reports, location of defaulters

Our detective agency makes available to our clients the most advanced professional techniques aimed at obtaining those precise tests to face any judicial and / or economic and financial claim procedure with guarantees.

Global Risk is specialized in the search and location of debtors to know their whereabouts, standard of living, property, etc. and be able to start the recovery management.

Our detective agency will investigate the debtor's assets and their location, and we will study whether the causes of insolvency are justified.

He suspects that a company or business has taken a series of actions that hurt its creditors. Our detective agency will demonstrate that it is a fraudulent bankruptcy in which there has been alteration of documents, accounting data, concealment of assets, etc.

If you believe that a debtor has hidden his assets, our detective agency can locate hidden or deviated assets so that our client can prove and recover the debt.

Resigning to work with the data provided by the records can make us ignore facts that could be of vital importance to our company. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to identify business assets placed on behalf of third parties, registered in other countries, etc. We can help you uncover these bad practices.

On many occasions the debtor companies carry out a continuity of assets, changing legally to avoid paying the debt. Our detectives are specialists in discovering these commercial actions.

We carry out risk and solvency reports of third parties and companies that will help our client in making decisions for the viability of the recovery.

If you want to locate missing administrators or companies and know your current location, Global Risk offers you the possibility to know your new addresses.

If you are thinking of opening a business or want to know the market of your activity, our detectives will make a report with everything you need to know in your sector and competition.

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