• Private Investigations Agency
    Private Investigations Agency
    Headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid, with more than 35 years of experience, we have the dean of the Spanish detectives Angela Martí, offering services both nationally and internationally
  • All kinds of investigations
    All kinds of investigations
    We carry out any type of investigation related to the Financial, Enterprise, Labor, Family or Sinister fields
  • Family investigations experts
    Family investigations experts
    Do you think you are being the victim of an infidelity? Do you doubt your child's paternity? Is any member of your family experiencing strange behaviors? Are you trying to locate missing people? We answer all your questions
  • Labor investigations specialists
    Labor investigations specialists
    Do you doubt the loyalty of your employee? Do you have robberies in the company? Do you suffer from information leakage? We solve your doubts
  • Sinisters investigations
    Sinisters investigations
    We are an agency of recognized prestige in the investigation of maritime, land and air accidents

Private detectives agency located in Barcelona and Madrid

We resolve your conflicts related to Mercantile Investigation Labor Investigation Family Investigation Financial Investigation Sinisters Investigation

Our private detective team will obtain the necessary tests confidentially to solve your problem. We have a wide range of private investigation services that can be classified in the following areas:

  • Investigation of family conflicts

    Family Investigation

    Infidelities, custody conflicts, DNA tests, use of family housing, location of relatives ...
  • Mercantile Investigation

    Mercantile Investigation

    Unfair competition, information leakage, brand protection, industrial espionage ...
  • Sinisters Investigation

    Sinisters Investigation

    Reconstruction of traffic accidents, fires, shipwrecks, thefts.
  • Lease investigation

    Lease investigation

    Verification of tourist flats, renter check, use of housing, illegal subleases, rental of rooms ...
  • Labor Investigation

    Labor Investigation

    False casualties, absenteeism, worker control, job performance, curriculum analysis, compliance ...
  • Economic and Financial Research

    Economic and Financial Research

    Patrimonial, financial and commercial reports, location of defaulters, verification of living standards ...

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