Labor Investigation

Our private detective agency makes available to its corporate clients all its experience in labor research that will allow the company to know what happens in its internal sphere.

Bajas fingidas, absentismo laboral, informes laborales

Search for evidence, casualty analysis, conflict resolution among workers or pre-recruitment studies. All to protect their interests, anticipate possible setbacks, and ultimately, to achieve the expected results.

Do you suspect that a worker in a situation of low work is working in another activity? Our private detective agency specializes in this type of services where through personal follow-ups we will know what actions your worker will perform during the period of leave.

Fraudulent work absenteeism is booming, and it costs hundreds of millions of euros annually for Spanish companies. The causes are very diverse, from performing a second work activity to allocating hours of work to perform hobbies or activities that has nothing to do with the company they work for.

As provided in Law 15/2007 of July 3, on the Defense of Competition, any behavior that is contrary to good faith is unfair. So if you suspect that you are suffering from a situation of unfair competition (copy of products, theft of information from your company, violation of contractual clauses, etc.) we offer the possibility of obtaining the necessary evidence for the corresponding lawsuit.

The management team represents a very important part of the value of your company. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to observe cases in which that position is used to promote yourself personally, even in another organization. Find out if your organization suffers from this problem.

Are you watching in recent months how your competition is one step ahead? Do you have doubts that you are leaking information? Our investigation agency after analyzing your case will suggest what actions to perform, from sweeps at the headquarters of the company, analysis of computer equipment, monitoring, etc. that will allow you to know where the information in your company leaks.

In many occasions the leaks of information of a company are realized from the interior. Our private detectives are accustomed to infiltrating companies to meet unfair employees from within.

It is often difficult to control the activities of our commercial network. Facts as simple as finding out if our commercials do their full workday can be a real business challenge. Has the profitability of your commercial network been down lately? Find out why.

He wants to know the productivity of his employees effectively. Our private detectives can know through personal follow-ups the work performance of their workers. Know the reality of your company without raising suspicion.

Control the activities performed by your employees. Our private detectives can know through personal follow-up what activities their workers carry out.

On many occasions, internal thefts represent a significant economic loss for the company. We are a specialist in analyzing your specific case and giving you the most appropriate solution, from the installation of hidden cameras to the GPS tracking of stolen merchandise.

We make purchases in their establishments to be able to evaluate the qualities and predisposition of their employees. Private detectives are the only professionals authorized to perform these services through hidden cameras.

Corporate intelligence or Business Intelligence is a discipline that uses information and data from different disciplines to perform a risk analysis, identify vulnerabilities and discover advantages before the competition.

Our clients ask us to secure on many occasions the meeting rooms or the offices of managers to avoid possible listening or installation of hidden cameras. We have a great experience in the detection of this type of devices.

First of all we must make it clear that the private detective is the only professional authorized to conduct an (external) investigation for a company. If you have evidence or knowledge that irregularities are being committed in your company or have received a complaint or claim that may affect your reputation and image, you can hire a private detective to conduct an external investigation that will help you determine responsibilities and know the reality of what happens.

Do not risk completing a vacant position with a bad employee. Our labor research specialists discover the hidden curriculum of their candidates to allow them to have a more complete profile of them.

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