Family investigation

We know that finding out family matters requires a discrete approach, where the most important thing is to find the answer to an emotional or economic problem where we play a lot.

¿Cree que su hijo se droga?

Global Risk we understand the emotional repercussions of situations such as infidelities, addictions, suspicion of paternity, as well as the inconveniences that may arise from the legal custody of our children. Therefore, we offer the best private and family investigation services to our clients:

Do you think you are being the victim of an infidelity? , In our private detective agency we can help you, we have detectives with extensive experience and experience in this type of family conflict.

Facing a disappointment in love is possibly one of the most painful situations that can happen to us throughout our lives. Generally infidelities are accompanied by sudden changes in work habits, such as the increase in working hours, in behavior with the couple, as well as in the decrease in sexual activity.

While not all suspicions of infidelity are well founded, it is true that those same doubts undermine the health of the relationship in one hundred percent of cases. Let our detectives for infidelities help you solve your doubts.

If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful to you, you have the right to know, so Gobal Risk detectives for infidelity can help you to confirm or definitively deny your suspicions, always with the utmost professionalism and discretion. In addition, in case of judicial proceedings linked not only to divorce, but also to the custody of minors, or alimony, we help you obtain the necessary evidence to provide in the trial.

Don't run the risk of getting proof on your own, because they may not be brought before the judge due to the way they were obtained. We can help you minimize the risks of breaking up..

A battle for child custody can become a spouse's worst nightmare during the divorce process. If you find yourself in such a situation, it may be time to have the services of our team of detectives specialized in joint custody review.

Although the priority of the parents should be the welfare of the minors, it is not uncommon to find cases in which one of the parties makes false allegations before the judge in order to limit or restrict access to the minor of the other party. Likewise, there are many cases in which the minor is faced with a real risk of neglect in the event that total or shared custody is ruled against one of the parties in dispute.

In our detective agency we have the most experience in the investigation of the joint custody review. We provide the necessary documented evidence to prove to the court the damages that a wrong decision may cause to the minor. Always with the objective of prioritizing the security and emotional stability of the child.

We have the legal knowledge and the most advanced means to obtain truthful documents, and valid before the judge, that allow our clients to demonstrate the inability of your ex-partner to take care of the children in common.

Do you suspect that your ex-partner has substantially improved their economic situation? Do you want to request a pension modification? Our detective agency offers you the possibility to know the socio-economic reality of your ex-partner, and document the changes in your standard of living. We are experts in ratifying our investigation reports in judicial headquarters to defend their interests.

In our research agency we have an authorized doctor to take tests in order to verify the paternity of the children in question. Results with judicial validity. We have been giving results with more than 99% reliability for more than 25 years.

If you have a missing family member and your whereabouts have been unknown for years, our detective agency will help you locate your loved one and know your current address.

Do you need to locate heirs in unknown whereabouts? We are a detective agency with extensive experience in the location of heirs and we have our own databases that will help us locate the current whereabouts of the person to find.

Suspects that your child does not attend his Institute or University, performs strange behaviors, drinks or can use narcotic substances on the weekend, our detective agency can know your child's daily reality and know the reality.

You have noticed that in recent weeks an increase in the cost of your partner or family member, we check if there may be problems with additions or gambling. Our detective agency has different profiles to know these situations first hand.

Do you doubt that your child or partner can use alcohol / drugs on a regular basis? Our detective agency offers you the opportunity to carry out personalized follow-up hours agreed to know the day to day of your relative. We make recordings with hidden cameras to avoid suspicion and to document reality.

Do you fear that any member of your family may be involved in a serious problem? Does your son or daughter have money whose origin you do not know?

If you suspect that a loved one may be involved in risk situations, do not resign yourself to living with intrigue. We put at your disposal the best professional team that will help you dispel all your doubts.

Is the date of the link approaching and you doubt what your partner tells you? Our research agency will offer you the possibility of making a report with the economic, social and family reality of your future partner. On many occasions we have located people with a double life, hidden children, false promises, etc. that will allow you to make the decision you deserve.

We make reports of people to know their personal background in previous relationships, workplaces or places of leisure. Do not be fooled by a good image.

Has the vehicle been scratched in your usual parking space? Is your mail subtracted from your mailbox? Problems with a neighbor? Our detective agency will find the right solution to your problem to find out who is the author of the damage to your property. The reports of our detective agency may bring them before the judge.

Do you receive anonymous in your email? Our investigation agency has a computer forensics department capable of discovering the author of anonymous online. We carry out all the investigations in a legal way and certify before the notary the taking of evidence and the hard drives to analyze.

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