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Private investigators with a long history

We are a private detective agency with offices in Barcelona and Madrid, we have extensive experience in the field of private investigation.

We offer experience and detectives and private investigators licensed to a wide variety of clients, including lawyers, companies, executives, SMEs and anyone who may need our services

We are a company large enough to handle any task, but we continue to maintain the personal touch and attention to detail that has earned us the good reputation.

Àngela Martí, the first detective woman

Angela Martí, a private investigator, opened the Global Risk detective agency years ago in Barcelona providing quality and trust to all her clients.

We are proud of our history of satisfied customers, and we would like to help you in any way we can. Our private investigators are at your disposal at any time and in any place whatever your research needs. Please call or contact and we will advise you on the best process to follow.

Mujer detective

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